We're married!

~ The Schlossbergs ~




love at first song

~ The First Day ~

We grew up minutes from one another and apparently were at many of same places at the same time, but it was years before the first day would come.  We fell in love over a shared obsession with music, TV and food.  We blended our households - Bryan's cats Winnie, Arnold & Malcolm (RIP), his bird Arthur (RIP) and Lisa's dog Lucky (RIP) - and adopted our regal beagle Shaggy and our adorable kitten Lucy.  When not working, we spend our time renovating our home, tending to our zoo of animals, cooking/baking and eating way too much food, and watching a lot of TV.  This is literally our dream come true.  

~ The Finally Day ~

On the first anniversary of the first day, we went up to the top of the Washington Monument to enjoy the views.  Lisa was taking countless pictures and Bryan seemed distracted.  Little did she know what was coming.  Once back on the ground, Bryan handed Lisa his phone to look at a picture.  It was her beloved Lucky... as handsome as ever.  After zooming in, she read Lucky's tag - "Lisa Will You Marry Me" - and Bryan got down on one knee.  Tears were shed, selfies were taken and the emotional phone calls began.  Our finally day had finally come.  

~ The Forever Day ~

Within our first few dates, the topic of wedding songs came up and we learned that we both planned to use the same song in our future weddings.  We knew right then that we'd end up here.  We walked down the aisle to a custom mash-up by DJ Flounder of "Forever" - mixing The Beach Boys' version with the one from Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky's wedding.  Our forever day was relaxed and full of food, music, laughter and lots and lots of love.

~ The Party Day ~

On the second anniversary of the first day, and the first anniversary of the finally day, ten weeks after the forever day - comes the party day! We will celebrate with our adult family and friends with a cocktail party in Bethesda, Maryland.  


The Party Day

November 11, 2016

4935 bar and kitchen | the loft
4935 Cordell avenue, bethesda, md 20814

We promise a fun night of delicious food, cold drinks, a photo booth and awesome music (duh) from 7pm - 11pm.  Adults only please.  There's a free public parking garage directly across the street for those who wish to drive (assuming you aren’t drinking).  Cabs and Uber drivers are plentiful around Bethesda and we encourage anyone to take advantage of that for a more fun, safe and stress-free evening.  There are also plenty of hotels to choose from for those who want to make a night of it!  The newlyweds will be in their wedding attire and guests are encouraged to dress in comfortable cocktail attire. 


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